How to watch movies and tv shows online: Top 5 websites

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I probably watch way too much TV online. The following is a great list of the best websites to search for (or take you directly to) free TV and movies online.


From here you can search ANY TV show or movie and it will give you links to different websites that stream what you want to watch. Occasionally you get a link and it tells you to fill out a survey first. Avoid these and try a different link. This website is a good starting poient and gives a lot of information about actors and reviews or opinion pieces.


You will have to download a viewer but once you do you get the best picture quality out there. There isn’t much load time either which is nice. This is also where you’ll find a lot of links to recent releases or in theatre movies.


I use this website when I can’t find something on ninjavideo. There is a great library of shows and is usually updated about an hour after the show airs on TV. The quality is a little lower but it’s streamed in parts so it’s really quick to load.


Megavideo is the best for movies but the quality is low so I prefer not to use it. That being said, I end up at the website all the time because it has the more content than anywhere else. There is a time limit for viewing time if you’re not a premium member so it can cut you off in the middle of your program. I live in an apartment building so if this happens I just go on to somebody else’s network to finish the show 🙂

and finally…

5. your Itunes account

Let’s face it. If you love a show enough to search for hours online to watch it, maybe it’s worth paying $1.99 for. Best quality and you can watch it on your Iphone.

Use the above links to watch House, Gossip Girl, Lost, Desperate Housewives, The Office, Weeds, Heroes, One Tree Hill, Smallville, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Dexter, Bones, Entourage, Prison Break, True Blood, Sex and the City and more!


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