Fever remedy without medicine,a herbal treatment.

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Fennel Fruit have the property to cure fever in its early stages as well in conditions when somebody is about to have Pneumonia.It is good recipe when you do not have any medicine.For this purpose take about 30 gms of Fennel Fruit and heat it in an open Pan so that it may get brown (don’t burn it),take it to let it cool a bit and add some sugar in it and swallow with water.After that go to bed take blanket and sleep.This treatment will cause a lot of sweating and you will feel better,if problem persist then consult to your doctor. (you can use this treatment when you want to have sweat).

This is pure herbal treatment for fever and is proven formula in most cases,Fennal Fruit is also good for weak Eyesight.It is better to use this treatment in cold climates and areas,when you need perspiration.


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