My Review Of The South

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Recently I visited Mississippi for the first time. I have been to Florida many times and cannot say that I truely like it there, but Mississippi is very different. The airport for instance is an international one but very small and very easy to get around in. It was a true pleasure to land here and be greeted by its residence.

The first thing I noticed is that the people who live there are very friendly. They are not afraid to talk to you and welcome you to their state. The north east is not this way. If you walk down the street most people will not even look at you, but in the south they are helpful and courtious.

For instance I was looking for a coffee shop and told my daughter-in-law I needed a good cup of joe and a woman that was walking beside us just popped into the conversation and gave us directions to find the shop. It was a nice feeling to have someone help instead of ignore.

The next thing I noticed was how clean the cities are. I was in Biloxi/Gulfport and I never saw a piece of paper on the sidewalks or the interstate highways. It looks as if the folks who live here truly take pride in their section of the world unlike most I have visited.

The cities are different than say Boston because they are spread out compared to being set in a small area that is crowded and congested. It has the small town feel because of this.

If you like to gamble then this is also the place for you. There are many casinos all over the place some very modern and others old school with bands playing as you sit at the machines. I have been to Vegas a few times but have never had this experience before. Very good feel to it and drowns out some of the machine noises.

Of course everything looks new from the recent hurricane that distroyed most of these cities. Even New Orleans was beautiful. The city has much to offer from the famous Bourbon Street to museums and an aquarium that is set right beside the mighty Mississippi River.

What a grand site to bestow how majestic she is and how important to this city and many others that flow beside her. I was also impressed by what these people went through and how they came out on top.

The courage they pocess is like known I have witnessed before. These events and the thoughts of how much they have endured flooded my heart and my mind as I walked the streets. They rebuilt not only the buildings that were distoyed but also their lives.


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