Is HE/SHE you are planning to get engaged or dating is really your true love?

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It has been already three years for me living a happy and joyful life marrying the one I loved. Fornuately… she is the first love of my life and the last.

You have met him/her  accidentally or you have a date with him/her or your parents introduced both of you at a party or you are new colleagues of a same college/class and your friendship has grown as a  good relationship between both of you to share everything.

But many of you who are still waiting to be engaged or waiting to express your love or believing that the one you are currently moving around with is the one should clear some things before you express or get engaged.

I dont know whether what I am saying is really true or many of my fellow lovers support this but there is only one thing that could prove whether you are truly loving your partner ……… The answer is ……………………… “PAIN”.

The questions are in the order of priority : Please be true to your heart else you cant get the right answer

Do you feel the pain when you have split or apart from a long time?

Do you cry if he/she is in terrible sorrow or pain or tell you that he/she tells you that she loves you more than anything else in this world?

Do you pray to god for his/her happiness?

Do you both cry and hug each other or laugh after you both had a big fight?

Does he/she care about your career,future and looks for happiness in your achievements and do you do the same?

How many times did you say the word ” I Love You” to him/her?

Do you love his/her parents when they come to your home?

Do you keep dialing his/her number and start callling all of his/her friends if he/she doesn’t lift the phone for a long time?

Did you really feel some odd kind of pain which is not physical when your partner has not spoken to you for many days ?

Do you feel some kind of tension or fear when he/she has left to other country or place for few days for work and didnt come back or called you back?

I can still add some more questions but I feel these are the common things that mostly happen in our life. If you can count the number of yes and no’s for the above questions you can judge yourself whether if you are just dating her or you are really in love with her .

These are the questions strictly written from the little experience and time I have spent.I apologize if any one gets hurt.

This is just to relieve you or ease you if you are really looking for something like this to support your decision.

Thank you

Best Regards,



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