How to Make Money and Build a Business With Bukisa

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If you are looking for a viable business, Buskisa is here for the long haul. Although Bukisa launched in November 2008, many people are raving about its potential growth.  Bukisa’s business model ensures that you, the writer can make a generous income for promoting their site, and adding valuable content. It is somewhat like network marketing without the annoying pitches and endless meetings.

Unlike other writing compensation programs, Bukisa pays you for referring people to their program. This is called your network. Your network can go three people deep and had unlimited width. On your first tier, you earn 25% of your network’s income. If you have 50 people in your first tier who have earned as little as $10/month,  that is an extra $125for you, and that’s not even including your own earnings and earnings of your 2nd and 3rd tier.  This could add up fast over time, and as long as you keep contributing content, you could make a very lucrative income. I made money my very first day on Bukisa! Think about what your earnings will be in a few years as your network earnings compound month after month. Consistency is the key, and if you contribute on a regular basis, you will make money while you sleep. Dont’ forget, your articles continue to earn money month after month.

If you are wondering how to build your network on Bukisa, it is as easy as copying your private link under “my Bukisa” and pasting it to your signatures. Forums and blogs are also a good place to paste your link. I have my link on my blog:

I also invited my friends from, and my hotmail address book. Bukisa will import all of your email contacts for you under “invite” in “my Bukisa”.

Bukisa is unique in that they pay you for page VIEWS instead of ad click troughs. The index on the front page lets you know that for every 1,000 people who visit your article, you will receive $3.95. As ad revenue rises, so will the index. Thus you will get paid more money as you are also making money from your network. Be sure to research key words from Google AdWords:

Good key words index your article faster in Google and major search engines. Thus, you will receive more page hits and make more money. However, don’t be dissipointed if your articles do not make money at first. It takes an article 30-90 days to mature and gain momentum in search engine rankings.

If you are contemplating stating an online business, Bukisa could be a promising vehicle that will provide years of residual income if you are willing to work for it.

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