Mini Pins

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Mini pins are very little and very hyper dogs. We own 2 Zoe and Rowdy. Zoe is a year old and very mean to anybody that comes around. I just love mini pins and seen an ad on Craigslist saying they didn’t have time to take care of her so I took her.  Mini pins think they have to be in control of any other dog in the house. Actually I think it’s just the female because Rowdy is totally differrent. My brorher owns a female and she is the same way very mean to other dogs but not to people. My father in law has a male and is the sweetest thing. Mini pins are very hyper and want alot of attention. If you are never home this is not the breed for you. They love to run but are very fast so you will need a fenced in yard. If you have kids I would go with a male I think they are better with kids. Why that is I don’t know but it could be just that we got Rowsy as a pupoy and we trained him the way we wanted him to act. Zoe was already use to be locked up in a cage all day and was not use to alot of people.


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