After all, hotels don’t create travel; they serve it.

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The hotel industry is facing severe business challenges; as hotels owners, how we react to those will determine how quickly we can return to some blance and profit growth. As we have been through this before, it’s never the same, we have no idea just how severe it can get or how long it may last. Hoteliers all over the country are sharing the same concerns and  feeling the pinch.

The industry has always tended to be reactive, rather than current, to changes in the economy. “After all, hotels don’t create travel; they serve it.” I thinks we reach those times to start being Proactive and inventive!

There is little hotels can do to induce people to travel. People don’t travel for the purpose of staying in hotels; they stay in hotels because they are located where they want to be, need to be or business takes them.

When people travel, they will continue to choose a hotel based upon whether or not its location, facilities, and amenities present the best value in the market.

Before you decide on your travel destination, sit down and plan on what is the next attraction you want to explore, go to sustainable establishments, where staying green is a continuous effort of the owners, get more involved in recreational outdoor activities like fishing, boating, skiing. Travel locally, be aware of the property “GREEN” policy,

There are some great destination to travel to and once you make it to that city or area, you might want to consider to lack your car for a while and take on with walking, exploring and be an active participant to start saving the earth a little.


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