Raising African Greys

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If  you are thinking about getting an African Grey bird you may want to get alot of information on them. There are a few types of greys I own 2 greys a male and a female I think they are Congo greys. They are about 16 years old and live to 90 years old. If you want a tame grey you really don’t want a breeding pair. We have tried breeding them but the eggs are never fertilized. A breeder told me breeders are usually mean and that they are. I would suggest getting a baby grey and rasing it. The females are so pretty. Grey’s are the most talkitive birds they can speak very well. But for some reason mine won’t say a word when people are around. They do whistle and make a noise like a smoke detector when it has a low battery. We know they do talk but they think nobody is around. The reason I say get a baby is we got them when they were older and untamable. Some people will say if you breed them put them in a quiet place but all they need is a breeder box and they are happy with that. They also love peanuts and corn.


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