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A sower went out in the field one day,

The seeds he sowed he threw ’em all around.

He sowed good seed wherever they fell,

and the good fruit came from the good ground.

Some of them fell on the path in between,

Some of them fell on soil full of rock,

Others fell and grew among thorns,

But the good ones brought forth plenty stock.

Now the world we know is the field he sowed,

But we ain’t took care and it’s fulla weeds.

But our eyes should always be on the sower,

He came, ploughed and planted new seeds.

Which part of the field my brother are you?

Maybe youse the track where the people walk,

Where the seed is sown and it feeds the birds.

Are you now brother no work and all talk?

Is you then like the seed on the rocks?

They done spring up but there ain’t much soil,

The sun comes up and they’s got no roots,

Just like him what trials will spoil.

Is you then like the seeds in thorns?

Cos when you grew, the thorns choked then,

Did your money, your honey, weigh you down,

Make you make nothing, in your world of men.

Or are you my brother on the good soil?

Bearing the fruit more’n a hundred fold,

Did you hear his word ‘n’ took it to y’heart?

Are you my friend, the fire-tested Gold?

And other fell on good ground, and sprang up,

and bare fruit an hundredfold. (Luke 8:8)


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