The Party

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Everyone come to the High King’s Bash

Black and white and all the types

Anyone now can join the dash

For to every place is his invite.

Party!  He is the First. 

Loving!  His heart could burst.

Alpha!  He was who is. 

Omega!  It all is His!

Now is the time the party must start

He looks and sees no one is there

Guests are outside, beyond e’en the yard

Drinking and shouting, is all their care

Ask a man why he has come?

The reply is, ‘Bah, that I do not know.’

Then why are you here, why is it done?

‘Gee that’s great, glad you could show.’

This place all was made by the King

It is mine now I come back to Him

The banquet celebrates all new things

And the door is open for all to come in.

And we ask, will you come in?

You ask, ‘What, is this all true?

Are you the host who dwells within?

Does this house really belong to you?’

It’s seen now you have entered in a way

Of the mark you are shy, the fire is inside

The lukewarm result is you this day

The bones that had life now are dried

You believe in a party, that is good and well

And in this house.  The dogs, when all is said

Cry out in fear at the sound of the bell

Know not from whence is coming my thread.

You have only come part way

Do not stand only in the foyer

The feast is arranged, for all is paid

Your entry assured for He is your lawyer.

To enter in ask, and the door open wide

The party inside is one that is real

Not as a mirror, meet the Lamb who died

There you can live, ne’er short of a meal

So enter all you people, said the Son,

This is the way, you can just follow me.

Into the great hall to dine with the One,   

And there you find the food sets you free.

And he saith unto me Write, Blessed are they

which Are called unto the marriage supper

of the Lamb  (Revelation 19:9)


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