Top Ten Most Effeminate Things That I Do

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I would say I’m a pretty normal guy. Most of my habits are what any normal guy would be into. Watching sports, fixing the house up, pretending to know about car engines, etc..

But there are some habits that every guy has that are just a tad bit effeminate. For some it may be show tunes, for others it may be gardening, but every guy has ‘em. These are habits that you usually don’t tell your buddies about while watching football. Admit it or not, every guy has them, and these are mine:

1) Liking to dance

Sometimes there you just want to go out rave to techno music. There’s nothing better than an occasional night out gettin’ after it on the dance floor.

2) Watching Brad Pitt Movies

I’m not talking “Fight Club” Brad Pitt either. I’m talking “Legends of the Fall” Brad Pitt. I also loved “A River Runs Through It”. I’m not afraid to admit it.

3) Watching Cooking Shows

And it’s not because Giada is sexy. No, it’s more because I really like finding interesting things to spice up a pasta dinner.

4) Hugging

I hug a lot. Big deal. Guy or girl. Say you haven’t seen a good friend in a while. I don’t want to shake his hand. Sometimes you just gotta hug. Many guys only find this acceptable when they’re drunk.

5) Spooning

Nothing better in the morning with a girl than playing big spoon, little spoon. A lot of really embarrassing things are said while spooning, like “I could stay here all morning”. This is something every guy likes doing though so I really don’t feel ashamed admitting it.

6) Wanting to make the “Awwww” sound when you see a puppy

You know that sound that girls make when they see a baby? When I see small puppies I have to hold myself back from saying that. What can I say, they’re so damn cute.

7) Reading Cosmopolitan

For some reason, I want to know what “The Ways To Please Your Man” are. Every time it’s on my girlfriend’s table, I take a peak while she’s not looking. I even once accidentally said, “Is this the new one?” to her uopn walking into her room and seeing the magazine on the table. She got a little worried.

8) Listening to Michael Bolton

This one is actually not really effeminate, more just strange. Anyways, “How can we be lovers if we can’t be friends?” is one of the greatest songs ever written. Try and listed to that song on full volume and not get into it.

9) Crying

Every watched the Jimmy Valvano speech at the Espys? I challenge any guy to watch that speech and not break down. It doesn’t happen often, but once in a while you just have to let the floodgates go and have a good, solid cry.

10) Making my famous 7 layer dip for parties

Nothing like making a really great dip for a football game. I am always satisfied when my friends say: “I didn’t know you could cook?” or “Great dip man! You rule!” Actually, no one’s ever said that last one to me. If they did, I’d probably question their manhood, much like you are probably questioning mine after reading this article.


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