How to Exercise Without Weights

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Workout without dumbells!

Things You’ll Need:

  • Just you
  • OPTIONAL: books or cans and pillow cases

Start with the obvious: calisthenics and jogging. Sit-ups, push-ups (depending on where you place your hands you work different muscles more intensely), triceps dips, chest dips, crunches, lunges, pull-ups (from your door frame, or any pole high enough to hang from), plank pose, and reverse plank-pose are all good exercises that hit the whole body and require no equipment whatsoever.

Jogging, walking, running, shadow-boxing, martial arts, yoga, pilates, jump-rope, and running up stairs are all forms of exercise that you can do without any equipment. Do some of these (jogging, walking, jumping) for your cardio-aerobic workout. Yoga, pilates and some forms of martial arts can strengthen and tone your muscles.

If you want to do some exercises like bent-over rows, triceps kickbacks and biceps curls you still can do them without dumbells or barbells or machines. You just need some books or some cans of food and throw them into a pillow case or a webbed-laundry bag. Now you can work every muscle in your body, and then when you are done, put the books back. Another thing to make “dumbells” is to fill bags or a bucket with water, but this is potentially much more messy than using books in a pillow case and it takes longer to set-up. The goal of working out without equipment is saving money and being mobile. You can build muscle or lose weight without any equipment, anywhere you go.  Now you have no reason for avoiding a workout because you don’t have the gym membership or home-gym!


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