Writers write when angery

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Have you ever read an article that came across rude or very expressive? Well, I have but thought that maybe the writer didn’t know that it came across that way. As writer’s we write with emotion and in the moment. We want the readers to feel the way we did when we wrote the article or poem but if the writer doesn’t clean up how they put it on paper then it could come across the way it wasn’t meant to be put. We want the message to come across professionally but also properly. We all have read work that we know what the writer or poet was after but they picked the right words in how to explain their emotions. We all have emotions and for some of us it’s easier if we write in a journal then write for the whole world to read. Some work comes off just as a rant instead of a piece of art. With all the books that I have read about writing poetry and other things that it is best to write from our emotions. We want people to feel our emotions when we writer but being angry could scare people off from reading more of our work. After reading the angry message it deferred me from reading their work because if they are that hostel then it makes me wonder if all their work is the same way. I love to read other people’s work and give them feedback so that they can improve and I can improve my work as well.

            We all have stress in our lives but we have to watch how it comes across in our work. I believe that we all should write from the heart and give our heart to our work. I would hate to lose readers because of something I said. I care about what people think about my work. In a book that I read by Jack Heffron said underneath angry lies fear. I believe that but not everyone knows that. I constantly worry and stress and I try not to let it come across as angry though. I make sure that when I post a work of art that the words wouldn’t scare off a reader. I would never want to offend another writer but I take the art of writing very seriously. As many of you already know that I try not to turn other writer’s away because we all want people to read our work. I just wanted to know if anyone had read something and after reading it you didn’t want to read work from the author again.


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