Lose Weight by Eating Less the Simple Diet

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There are three ways to lose weight.  We can eat less. We can burn more calories. We can do both. The steps to successfully lose weight by eating less I follow are:

  1. Have a Plan. Write you goals and establish an action plan to accomplish the goals. Be specific with your goal. Be specific with your action plan. For example, I will lose 10 pounds this month by not eating sweats. I will eat an apple or orange instead of cake and candy for snacks.
  2. Track your results. Your goals and action plan should be written in a diet journal. Journal your activity daily. Measure your results. Re – adjust you plan accordingly. Life is fluid and change is the only thing you can depend on so don’t be so rigid as to beat yourself up if you have to change your plan.
  3. Be Prepared. Make sure you have the right tools to meet your goals. If you want to eat more fresh fruit and raw vegetables have them in the house and take them with you to work. The same with water and natural tea. Fresh Fruit and raw vegetables help your metabolism and burn calories. Make sure you have water and natural tea available at home and work so there will be no excuses to not eat healthy and drink more water.
  4. Eat Early, Eat Often, Eat Less, Eat Healthy.
    To Eat less to Lose Weight it is important to eat 5 to 6 times a day 2 to 3 hours apart. Start early with a healthy breakfast, have a morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, diner and evening snack. Because you eat often it is easier to eat less and before you are hungry it is time to eat again. Skipping meals or snacks causes us to over eat because we are hungry. Never eat too much for any meal and as you eat less per meal 5 to 6 times a day your stomach shrinks because you are never filling it.
    As you eat often your metabolism also increases and you burn more calories.
  5. Drink Plenty of Water. This is also well known.  We need 8 glasses or more of water everyday. Water fills you and reduces your appetite. Water has no calories. Water also helps with energy and your digestive system. If you do not like water add lemon, drink natural tea, or drink 100% Fruit or Vegetable Juice. All these are good for you and you should drink them all regular especially plenty of water.
  6. Finally get plenty of sleep and fresh air.  Oxygen is necessary for respiration and the very life of our individual cells. Together with rest our body rejuvenates and rebuilds itself to what God made and said this is very good.

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