How to be a Good Friend!

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First and for most, be grateful you have great friends. Don’t take them from granted and remind them on regular basis that you appreciate them. Do so by taking them out to lunch or even a thank you card will remind them that they are lucky to have you too.

Friends listen to each other even them the friends don’t make much sense. Don’t spend an hour talking about your problems, you are not the only one with problems. If you have something big to tell, do so but then ask your friend how they are doing and don’t interrupt.

It’s hard when you think you know your friends and then they change or drop a big surprise. It’s easy to immediately jump to conclusions and be judgmental. Hold on, take your time. You wouldn’t want people to judge you on something they might not understand. Find out the whole story and try to be understanding. Your friend will appreciate the support.

This may seem like a no-brainer but more than half do. It’s not worth losing a friend over. If you are afraid to hurt the person, it will hurt them even more if they hear it from some one else. Word gets around. They will find out eventually that you lied.

Even if you have been friends for decades, it doesn’t excuse you to be flaky. No one appreciates being stood up or having to wait for you. Once or twice is acceptable, but doesn’t make it a habit. When you ditch your friends or make them wait for you, it sends a message that you don’t appreciate their time and take their friendship for granted. Keep being flaky and you will find yourself with fewer friends.

We all make mistakes, it is what makes us human. And with those mistakes we learn. If your friend hurt you in some way, take your time and be mad, but in the end you will have let it go. Holding grunges is never beneficial to anyone. Try be understanding and merciful especially if it’s obvious that your friend is truly sorry.

Distance does not make the heart grow founder. Well, maybe a short-term distance will make you guys miss each other. But, going weeks without seeing or talking to each other because you suddenly got a lover or you’re too busy is different. At this point, it’s out of sight out of mind. Even if you really are too busy to hang out, make the effort to call during your break. Schedule your day to hang out well in advance.

Explore new places and activities together. Take a class or go away to a new place for the weekend. Learn to do something. Laugh and have fun!


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