Rock of Love Bus

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Have you seen this show? I am trying to figure out where they get these girls from. I just watched the first and second showings of Rock of Love Bus. I mean i like the show but it is so fake. How can you possibly say oh I love him well I know because he’s famous. Those girls are all in it for the TV time we all know that.  This round he has a porn star and a Penthouse girl are you serious. I think he should really give up and find a girl that’s not fake.  They all lie to get there and what does that prove to everyone. I think it’s funny to watch them all fight and cry over him like he is really going to care about you in a month when a new groupie comes along. Bring Heather back and let her show those girls a thing or two like she did with Daisy. I could not stand her she was such a whiner. Then this new girl on there Brinttney which is the porn star is worse then a two year old crying all the time. Give it up already and go find Ron Jeremy you might have better luck. The next show I already know who get kicked off thanks to her friend calling a local radio station and telling she has a boyfriend. Sound like a Krisy Jo all over again. If he decides to have another crack at it after this one fails to the next one should be called Rock of Drama!!!!!!

Ok well I have seen 2 more and it keeps getting worse. One girl says she busted her implant well that must be a bad boob job. Of course she was sent home she had a boyfriend at home. I just see how they can stay so drunk all the time what kinda life is that. One gorl ended up really sick and was put in the hospital but they didn’t say what happened to her. It was probably too much boozes! You got one girl named Farrah that is a huge Heather wanna be. She really needs a good smack and really needs get over herself.  They all whine around I never get time with Bret well no kiddinh he is a rockstar do you really think he wants you. Another girl is like a 2 year old always telling on someone else. One girl get busted kissing his drummer and he says he wouldn’t do that to her. Whatever he’s kissing all those girls and sleeping with them so what does it really matter. It’s not like they are really going to be with him anyways. The brazilan girl was booted because she gave a fan a gift that Bret gave her. He was pissed but like she said the fan deserved it more then she did. That’s the problem with some stars they care nothing about their fans. They need to think about who reall made them a star. WE DID!

Well another week of the drama fest. This week he brought in 3 girls that needed a makeover. The girls haf to do it to win a date with him. I am lost these girls can’t even dress themselves let alone help someone else. The 3 he brought in lookrd like the ugly duckling which you lnow that was part of his plan. After the makeover he decides to add these new girls to the tour. Oh did that not go so well with a few of the girls. Ashley was the worst crying and whining yea whatever. She was talking to Bret but could’nt look at him at all. Usually that’s the easiest way to tell when someone is lying. That night he takes her to his bus and you know what that means. He is just a man whore and they think he wants them.  Well of course he keeps all 3 of the new girls. He gets rid of Natasha which I believe is because Ashley was talking trash about her being a man. Next week is the football challenge that should be very funny, Oh No I Broke A Nail!!!

Well another week down. It was funny watching them try to play football. They were actually rough on each other but Ashley was pulling everybodys pants down. The VIP of the game got to fly to Texas with him and stay the night. The rest of the girls form the winning team got a date with him when he returned. Mindy was the VIP and she was so excited to get to spend the night with him. Its kinda sick thinking he was just with Ashley a day before that.  But these girls don’t care as long as they get to sleep with him. He got some really sad news when he returned a friend of his form Iraq was killed and he was really upset about it.  His date with the others was pretty quiet due to that which is very understandable. At the elimination he sent Jennifer home one of the new girls because she just lost her dad a week ago and he said she needed to be with her family. Ok maybe he has a heart after all. I see sending her home but the ones that stayed are only getting worse. Its kinda scarey seeing them with no make up on. I bet it takes them at least an hour to take it off at night.


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