What You Need to Know Before You Try to Grow Your Own Food.

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Okay everyone knows that we are in a recession and that things are getting tight.  I know that not everyone thinks of this, but what if you could not afford to buy groceries.  What if you had to find a way to feed your family because you had to use your money for gas, rent, electric and more.  I have been closely following the subject of gardening and food preparations for years.  And if you don’t know that our country is running short on supplies then you must not remember the shortages this summer on rice, beans, oil, flour and other basic commodities. 

It is not the intent of this article to scare you or cause panic, but we are getting to a point where you will need to know how to find, do and take care of things that are longer available.  So before we go through another shortage, I would like to tell you a little something about the seeds and the plants that you get down at the store.  Well they are part of a part of a program called the “terminator seeds.”  These seeds are basically designed to grow the first season, but the seeds in the fruit will not grow next season, so if you thought that you could just keep the seeds and have a crop from them next year, that is not going to happen. 

This is part of genetically modifying  our food, and why most people don’t see the harm in it, it could be the reason that there are so many food shortages right now.  Just think how expensive it is for the farmers to have to buy new seeds every season .  Then all those cost go to you and  then you have to pay more and more as the price of seeds and fertilizers and more go up.  Not to mention what the GMO seeds do to you inside, and I don’t care what the scientist say, I know who is paying their paychecks.   Just one of the many books available on the subject is Seeds of Destruction .

So if you decide to grow a garden I highly recommend that you use organic seeds and organic soil.  And when your crops do come in you can harvest the seeds and use them again next year to plant another crop of the veggies and things you like.  Also using organic soil means that you are not going to have to use fertilizer and destroy the soil content. 

And now is the time to start planning for that garden so start buying your seeds in small batches as you can afford and happy growing this summer.  I hope that you enjoy growing your garden and helping save your money for the other things you need.  Happy gardening and here is to a great harvest and producible seeds next year too!


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