How To Stick With An Exercise And Fitness Plan

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With any exercise and fitness plan, there is excitement in the beginning. That excitement often turns into boredom and you chuck your whole exercise and fitness plan and return to your old unhealthy habits. You can stick to your exercise and fitness plan, you can reach your goal, here’s how.

When it comes to exercise, do what you enjoy. Had you rather ride a bike on a country road, play basketball or join a dance class? Ask yourself what you like to do, then make an exercise out of it. You’re much more likely to stick with an exercise and fitness plan if you enjoy what you’re doing.

If what you enjoy doing for fitness has a group, then join the group. Join an exercise class, dance class, local basketball group or biking group. A group with regularly scheduled meeting times will help you stay motivated and keep you on your exercise and fitness track.

Stop the excuses before they can start. Everyone has days when they just don’t want to go the gym, or run, or do any form of exercise. Get your gear ready the night before and plan your day around your exercise time. This will make it more difficult to change your mind with your own excuses to not exercise that day.

When you stick with your exercise and fitness plan, reward yourself. Something small, something tangible, something to recognize your own progress. This will help keep you motivated to continue to stick with an exercise and fitness plan.


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