How to start prenatal care

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Prenatal care is the most important thing you can do to help your baby born safe and happy. There is nothing else that is more precious than caring for your fetus. You will know that you fetus will be very gratified knowing that he or she will not be born with an illness. As a nurse I’ve worked in the Pediatrics department and have seen too many babies being born blind, deaf, disable or without a full face. It’s the saddest sight for me and more so for the mother. These babies have come out sick because the prenatal care was very poor.

If you want a baby I’m sure you would want your baby to come out beautiful right not with a mouth and a nose attached to each other and they can’t move their lips because this will happen if you drink or smoke when you are pregnant. You have to tell yourself and everyone you know that prenatal care is like a diamond wedding ring, it’s a life changing thing for your fetus. If you don’t know, you can walk the baby hospital floor and you will see what I’m talking about.

If you’re pregnant then I would suggest you go straight to your doctor for more prenatal care sessions. You should sign up for classes and include your husband. You can try out at your local hospital they will have a lot of prenatal sessions. You can try planned parenthood for a more discounted session. Planned parenthood is free for those that qualified.

You should take classes or talk to your doctor about vitamins and supplement that can keep your baby healthy. Your doctor will also tell you the do’s and don’t during your pregnancy. You can also read on line or some pregnancy magazines to learn more. The more you know the better because you don’t want to make the wrong move when it comes to your precious jewel between you and your husband. As far as I know, a baby is a miracle to every family.

I can help you a little bit here to start out with. First you can’t smoke and drink and do illegal drug during your pregnancy because you will destroy your baby just like you fried an egg. You can do it after you give birth because the baby is outside of your body. During pregnancy you can’t put any harmful agent into your body period. It will be a sin if you do. Your baby will come out with no mouth or nose and you will have a very hard time getting through that. I have seen a baby that come out without stomach muscle and have to be laying on a bed for the rest of his life because the mother did something wrong. Without muscle you can’t digest or move upwardly. This is one of the saddest sight I’ve ever seen. I feel that it’s compelling to share what I know so that I help out future mother.

The second thing is to get a periodic checkup on your baby. Sometimes things need to be check up and you should take this opportunity to go to your doctor. Next, you should avoid lifting anything heavy or have injury done to your stomach because this will affect your baby. Next, you should take multivitamin and iron to support a healthy baby.

Regular walking can also help your baby. A good, healthy diet is also necessary for a healthy baby. You should eat fruits and vegetables and stay away from hot spice, coffee, alcohol and fattening food. Everything that is in your blood will be traveling to your baby through the placenta cord therefore you need to eat good and not consume anything that will affect your baby negatively. You should also get an STDs test because having a disease will also make your baby come out with problems too. Herpes can give your baby blindness and so forth. If a mother have HIV, this will pass on in the blood and the baby will have it too.


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