How important is experience in the US election : Politic experience

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Experience will surpassed knowledge in any field. Experience is useful like gasoline for you car, without it you can’t go anywhere. Political experience is one of the best qualification for a presidential candidate. Even at your job, experience will be the vital thing that makes you successful. There is nothing like an experienced doctor who knows exactly what he’s doing. Would you choose a recent graduate to operate on your eyes or a really experienced one that have worked on thousands of eyes already and have made all the mistakes he needs already on the patients that chose him as a recent graduate. Presidential candidate is one of the most important figure that will rule America so we can’t ignore the fact that experience will count every second of the way.

There is nothing like an experienced person in any giving situation. You would choose an experienced manager to manage you million dollar business right not the one that just graduate. As far as I’m concern on every job position listed are the major years of experience required and it’s anywhere from 2-6 years the least for a 50k salary job. The president is a million dollar potential employee so we have to require them to be an experienced individual. Experience is very significant to the election. An unexperienced president won’t know exactly what to do. If we were to be attack by terrorists again, an experienced president would know exactly what to do while a new one will sit there and ask their advisers what to do. I think in the case of America political system that we shouldn’t worry about the president much because it look like most of the work is done by the congress and the house representatives. Like it or not we have a check and balance system in the white house and the Congress and the Judicial branch have equal power as the president. So we should take a closer look at the other two branch when concerning with American future.

You should know that Congress can impeach the president any time and so we don’t have to be afraid that an evil president will turn us brown. The Congress by far is very powerful too. They can veto a president veto. They can determine to wage war by themselves without the president permission. The Congress make all the laws and write all teh laws not the president. The president job is like a babysitter job, making sure that the baby is doing the right thing. The president will only play one role in the white house not all the role.


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