Jack the funny horse

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Jack loves to chase me around the farm but sometimes running around is not a good idea after a meal. You know what I mean. Jack is running and releasing things from behind at the same time and he kept on running. I keep thinking to myself that this horse is not very well manner. Jack is my horse. The thought of Jack is nothing but many moments of silly fun and love. The funniest thing about Jack is that he smiles pretty wide with all of his white teeth showing. He has one of those smile that just reminds you of a retarded old guy who sees a really busty girl. Yes! One of those smile to show that they’re excited of the views.

I dont’ know what the reasons are but Jack is excited to see me every single time. The old man smile on his face just brighten my day. I spend day and night with this horse and it never gets old. Jack is a horse but he howl like Scoopy Doo. One of those howl like an old man who just saw a busty girl again. Yes! One of those howl. He howls every single time I feed him. I’m thinking that he’s just grateful for a meal. Poor Jack!

Jack is a licker. I’m afraid of this one the most. I try not to get so close to Jack. He would wet my clothes and I have to change all over again. I love to get close to Jack so we can have some soul connection sometimes but it’s not possible. The second I get close Jack would extend his foot long tongue and lick away. He has saliva that are a little too much and a little smelly too. He would lick you in the most awkward places like your behind. I’m thinking this horse is just a butt man.

Jack is a little picky when it comes to food too. He would use his face to push away the food that he does’t like. This is hilarious to me. Jack has a personality of a man. At least his wide teeth smile reminds me of one. Jack is a funny creature. He likes to lick other horses too. I guess every creature has sexual desire. He likes to lick other horses near the tail. What a horrible place to lick Jack. I’m thinking that I would never let him touch me again after I see him lick other horses. Horses, they have their own mind.

Jack walks really funny. He has a bottom that is chubby and round and he walks very slowly sometimes and the walk can be a bit sexy. It’s from side to side like he’s catwalking. I should put some clothing on him and he can be the next Tyra Bank. He walks realy slow as if he’s enjoying the weather and the breeze, like he’s thinking of something so refine. While at it, I think that he would look better with a cigar in his mouth so that he can have the whole picture of a relax business man look. I won’t forget to bring a tie and a hat next time. The fact that he’s a guy is ever funnier to me usually only female walks slow and men seem to be a little faster.


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