Cherry Blossoms, Branch Brook Park, New Jersey

A Brief History of the Park

Branch Brook Park was formed in March, 1895 with 60 acres.  It has grown to its current size of 360 acres.  Branch Brook Park has the distinction of being the first county park in the United States and is listed in the National Register of Historic Places.

The Cherry Blossoms

In 1927 a Newark resident, Caroline Bamberger Fuld, visited Washington, D.C. where she was awed by the beauty of the rows of pink-petaled Cherry Blossom Trees.  Mrs. Fuld returned to Newark and announced that she would make a donation of 2,050 Cherry Blossom Trees to be planted in Branch Brook Park.

The saplings were initially planted on her personal property where they were maintained and nurtured for several years before being transplanted to Branch Brook Park.

As of 2010 there are 4,000 Cherry Blossom Trees in Branch Brook Park.  For two weeks in April the trees are in full glorious bloom.  Rows of trees by the hundreds line the paved road inside the park.  The pink petals so bright that they seem to illuminate the street.  The unique landscape design then strays from the standard rows and you’ll see big pink puffs interlaced with lush greenery away from the road.  Walking along the footpath bordered by evergreens, suddenly your eyes are drawn to something pink.  What a lovely surprise.  If pink confetti could fall from the sky, it does in Branch Brook Park.

Every year, for two weeks in April, 10,000 people visit the park each day to indulge in the beauty of Cherry Blossom Land.

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