Nip/Tuck is finally back

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The first two episodes have aired and I have to say what a great start for the season so far. The first episode started off from where they left off last season, which was great because it had been so long since I had seen it that I needed some reminding of what had happened. So you finally find out how the psycho got into the building and how she got past security, Liz and Christian. From the sight of all the blood I thought Sean’s condition was going to be more serious. I mean being in a wheelchair is serious but at least there wasn’t any brain damage or any other complications. The only problem with Sean is that he is using he wheelchair as a crutch (no pun intended) and has refused to go back to work. He is letting Christian do all the surgeries, and he is now teaching at a college. Not only is Sean pawning off his work on Christian but he is also making a fool of everyone, by faking that he can’t walk. Yes that is right he can walk. He has been able to walk for a while apparently, but doesn’t want to give up the attention he is getting. But he will soon be found out, by someone who is already pissed off at him. Julia, who makes her appearance in the second episode finds out that he ex-husband, has been lying to her yet again. If you recall last season he lied to her after she got shot about them still being married. But as soon as she found out about the lie, she was no longer speaking to him. When she came over for a visit with Conner she saw that he needed some attention. She offered to make him dinner and when she came over she saw him kicking a girl out and he was walking. Even the girl that he had been sleeping with had no idea that he could walk. She is actually a student that has his class at the college. He had been sleeping with her for a while, until her weird fetish came out. In which she wanted to treat him like a baby, and powder his bottom and put him in a diaper. As soon as he saw that she was diapering him and wanted him to be a real baby he jumped up and kicked her out. He walked her to the door, threw her out and in the kitchen unbeknownst to him, Julia was in the kitchen. She decided to tell Matt her and Sean’s son what she saw. Matt who has been there for his father through his rehabilitation was angry beyond belief. Matt had been there every day with his father to help him try to walk again. Actually while he was with him during a session the rehab tech told Sean that he could walk to the wheelchair. Sean blatantly refused saying that he couldn’t. Matt of course took his father’s side and fired the guy. Now Matt feels like a total fool for believing Sean’s lies. When they told Christian about what happened Christian said that he would handle the situation and confront Sean. He ended up sitting Sean down and saying that he would wait until Sean was ready to do his reconstructive surgery, he said that he would wait for as long as it takes. Christian ran out of the room to throw up and while he was heaving into the toilet Sean walked in and put his arm on his friend’s back and comforted him.  While teaching he found an intern that he has brought into McNamara/Troy. This intern I have to say is interesting and annoying, but mostly annoying. He is a know-it-all and seems to think that he knows more than actual surgeons. The other interesting plot that they have going on is Christian having breast cancer. It never fails Christian always has something going on and now it is cancer. He found out when he gave Lizzie a breast exam and found a lump on her breast and she went to the doctor. He being the good friend that he is went to the doctor with her and when the doctor told her that her lump was due to drinking a lot of caffeine, Christian made a comment about feeling a lump and thought that it was a clogged sweat gland.  When the doctor suggested that he get it checked out Christian was skeptical as any man would be, only because it is rare that men get breast cancer. But sure enough, he has stage two breast cancer. He now has to go through chemo and have surgery. Lizzie has been there for Christian, she has come over and taken care of him and even rubbed his back while he threw up. Christian tries to be tough but ends up acting like a baby which is kind of cute on him. If you have been watching the show you will know how vain Christian is and after his surgery it has been very hard for him to be with women because he needs reconstructive surgery. He tried hiring a hooker but she turned out to be crusty white trash and she ended up robbing him. And of course, who does Christian call to help him? Lizzie. Who comes over and takes care of him in more ways than one.  I cannot wait to see the next episode I have to say that this season seems to be yet another great one.


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