Poker Dealers Beating up Players

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230px-puggypearson.thumbnail.jpg. My favorite poker magazine is “Poker Pro” for many reasons. Let’s say they cut to the chase. The stories are real, the facts are right on and the bio of different players at the end is interesting. “Poker Pro” has a staff of young intelligent people who have everything but the old stories. They go to the old timers for those so everything is complete. Other poker rags have stories from a bunch of old players that ARE the staff.

Last month they ran a story about Puggy Pearson that was so unbelievable even for someone who knew him. I wouldn’t put anything past this totaly rude and nasty player. But this particular story was totaly outlandish. I had heard the part where a dealer threw all of Puggy’s chips into the showroom line, near the pit. He had three racks of black chips, $30,000, that were scattered on the casino floor. The dealer felt she could take no more. The new and unbelievable part was when she came back and hit him in the head with her shoe heel. While the floormen where holding Puggy to keep him from killing her, she turned around and took off her high heels and struck him in his bald head, SEVERAL TIMES. Where is this woman? I want to give her a reward. In fact I know many dealers who would chip in.

I called my good friend and source “Starman” who was dealing at the time. Was this story really true? I know it was in print but that doesn’t mean it is true, does it? Starman’s answer was that it was all true. It all happened at The Dunes Hotel and Casino. Why not? I do remember when Shoeshine Nick took a whizz in front of the casino in valet parking lot. That was better than when he peed on Polly at The Alladin Hotel & Casino right at the table. Yes, things have certainly changed. If this happened now these people would be locked up. This is what the dealers had to put up with. Well you wanted to be a poker dealer. Yes. and I wanted to be first. For more details on this story go to the Jan. issue of Poker Pro. Better yet, subscribe and see my article next month.


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