Using Social Media For Web Prosperity

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How does one build web prosperity through social media?  For as long as I have been leveraging social media to make new friends who have common strands with me, I realize that producing content is really key to not only market, but to also get your creative content noticed. Here are a few tips I have been reminded of doing and that I believe will help others succeed:

1) Stay with the social networks you partook in long before you began marketing over the internet. Don’t do this to “sell” others or to rely on a “warm market”. The spam buckets can only take so much and you won’t see a dime. Instead, keep everyone you already know updated on your progress in everything you do and make new friends who, can in turn, change into prospects that respect you.

2) Earning the respect of prospects takes work. This is something many people are afraid of doing when they think of building a REAL business online. Start out fresh by writing articles that are helpful based from your knowledge and expertise. Not only will this keep your friends reading, but it will help them to learn more about you through the content you create. This is a people business and generating content that reflects your knowledge and personality are paramount.

3) Along with keeping up with your current networks, branch out to a new social environment all together once every week. This not only helps you to really syndicate your work you have been creating, but it also assists in developing new long term or permanent friendships that will grow into partnerships.

4) Take the time to stay in contact. Yes, we are all very busy, but what are we really busy doing? Think about it. The 97% of failure experienced in this industry comes from “making noise”. Flashing banners everywhere, messaging people with the newest and greatest opportunity, building a great relationship in the first week and ditching out because that person joined another business. The key here is to live unselfishly and stop thinking about what you can get out of others. You may as well try to pick pocket them on the street. Not only do you come off as a crooked salesperson, but you don’t earn the respect of others. Relationships that you build should always come first before “success”. Relationships take time to build. They consist of trust, honesty, and respect. If your relationships lose that for one reason or another, it may be because you stopped being that person’s friend.

5) Stop trying to be the professional all people revolve around. Yes, there are many things we can contribute to a community in regards to our expertise, but have you thought of asking one of your friends for an honest review of something? Writers and authors do this all the time, but I think if you are a professional in any field and/or you consider your contacts friends, you should not be too proud to ask them for advice or for an honest review of your work or your latest idea. They may actually come to respect you for staying in contact and for dropping your “Superman cape”.


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