Meditating Quickly

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Find a location. Look for a quiet place. Trees and vegetation are preferred and running water or ocean is also desirable. Choose a place without wind. Sit down or lay down. Sitting or laying down should be comfortable. Your body should be relaxed. There should be no movement. Close your eyes or unfocus your vision. Limit visual distractions. Unfocusing is to stare at an object and focus beyond it. Feel your body. Slow down your breathing, sense your muscles, limbs, and legs. Sense yourself as calm and relaxed. Continue to breathe slowly. Visualize. Imagine a beautiful location. While there allow yourself to wander about. Describe to yourself what you are doing. After performing two or three actions in your imaginary place, open or unfocus your eyes. Describe your experience to yourself. Practice this activity a few minutes each day and keep a journal describing your visualizations.


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