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For some of us writing is more than a love but a way of life. Well, that’s one reason why I am writing this article. As many of you well know that I wrote a small article about Googling Yourself. It was published on Triond and wasn’t getting the results that I think that it should have gotten. Well, I disturbed when I saw an article of the exact same nature of mine. First of all you don’t use the same article as someone else and do it shortly after they do it. We all are searching to get noticed and to be appreciated for our hard work. I made a comment that wasn’t rude or mean but pointed out to the author that it wasn’t appreciated. I could see writing the article and publishing it about six months after my article but you don’t do it within the same month. I try to make time to read other people’s work and try to give as much feedback as I can. I want to be appreciated just as much as anyone else on Triond.

            As a poet and writer I care and want to help others but I would never publish someone else’s idea or work. One of my friends had done the 50 things to know about me but I didn’t publish it after she did the one she wrote. I took the work to another site and didn’t compete with her work. My work on Triond is my only income right now and I am doing all that I can. My goal is to write another book that’s one reason why I don’t publish all my work online. I am not a mean person and don’t want to be harsh on anyone. If the person who wrote article is mad at me then I understand but when we are competing to get our work looked at. I am a poet and writer that take the craft very seriously and just hope that people understand that for some of us it’s a love affair that we take to heart.

            This article isn’t meant to make anyone think less of me but I just wanted my voice to be heard. I would just hope that people see where I am coming from and know that this is just to let you know that this is important to me.


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