5 fun date ideas

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With your first couple dates it’s that time where the two of you are getting to know each other and seeing if you may be compatible. You both are seeking for a lifelong partnership and what can be better then starting things off right away with getting to know each other? Wait till your 3rd date or so to do the typical date of a dinner and a movie. The problem with this kind of date is that you don’t really get to know each other because you’re busy enjoying the movie and later the food. Also your date can perceive you as non creative or not interesting and can be boring for people who don’t know much about the other person yet. Instead of sticking to the traditional ideas, look for something that’s a little more creative! Below are some fun, interesting, unique date ideas.

1.       A fun and stimulating way to get to know each other would be to spend a day at an amusement or theme park. Take turns picking out rides to try! Rides, games, food and excitement is a great way to have fun or sit down and talk – it’s left completely up to. It’ll be a fun filled day and a great way to get to know each other and enjoy each other’s company. This will definitely leave your date looking forward to the second date.

2.       Ok, ok, ok…. For those that want to do a dinner and a movie because you want to stay traditional well here are some ideas to spice it up a bit to add some entertainment and fun to the dinner and movie. Look for a restaurant that has an arcade so you can eat and afterwards play some basketball, video games, air hockey, table tennis etc. Or you could try to find a place that does a dinner and a show with audience participation like a murder mystery show or something. Then after dinner either go to an IMAX theater or a drive-in theater if there is one in your area. Or maybe check your local planetarium for a show. Using any one of these ideas will add a fun twist to the dull traditional date of movie and a dinner.

3.       Another good idea for a first date is to take your date bowling. You have your own lane, table you don’t have to stare at each other the whole time and you can talk to each other. Just make sure to keep it fun and not turn it into a competition.

4.       Plan a day at the park. A lot of parks these days have a variety of things to do. The two of you could take a nice hike through the park, play Frisbee golf, toss a Frisbee around, play miniature golf, batting cages, and relax on the beach. It’s always nice to spend a calm, relaxing day at a park and get to know a special someone.

5.       After going on a couple very nice dates with that special someone you could consider going on a picnic for a date idea. Find a nice quiet place near a pond, lake or river would be best. If not able to find such a place, a park will do just fine. Make sure you have a thick blanket so you can’t feel the prickly grass under you and that it is large enough for the both of you. Also bring along a picnic basket filled with food and drinks. After eating you can relax, stretch out, chat and watch the clouds and maybe watch the sunset together. Couldn’t ask for anything more romantic than that. You’re date will be sure to love it.


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