Five Ways To Shake Off the Sleepies in The Morning

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              Having trouble getting your buns out of bed when the morning comes around?  Here are just a few tips to help you rise and shine and get moving early in the morning!

  1. Set your coffee pot to brew automatically in the morning. The smell of fresh brewed coffee is a real eye opener! Just don’t forget to turn the timer on before you go to bed!
  2. Sometimes the oldest tricks work best! Try splashing some cold water on your face! Or wet a wash cloth using cold water instead of warm, which should open those eyes and get you alert!
  3. Change the sound of your alarm on your alarm clock. Our brains get used to hearing the same sounds. Try using the buzzer or change the music setting to music you don’t usually listen to.
  4. Have your mom or a friend call you for a wake up call. The sound of the phone ringing and knowing that it could be your dear ole mom on the phone is enough to rouse anyone out of bed!
  5. Schedule meetings and appointments first thing in the morning. Having to get ready and move around will surely wake you up!

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