Get Free Gas for Your Car

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Gas isn’t as high as it used to be, but why pay for it when you can get free gas? If you can get free gas, there is no need to pay for gas for your car. After all, we all need to save money with the recession. You should take advantage of these tips for free gas for your car. There are several ways to get free gas:

[1] Join a club that offers free gas for using their particular gas stations. You get points toward free gas every time you fill up, buy snacks or anything from their gas station. If the gas stations are ones you would normally visit anyway, why not get free gas as part of your regular spending?

[2] Look for gas stations and companies that offer free gas in exchange for gas that you purchase from them. It is similar to number one but you only get free gas after buying a minimum number of gallons that they require first.

[3] Ask for gas gift cards for presents instead of traditional gift cards or presents. This is a great way to get free gas and friends will like knowing they can get you something you’re going to really enjoy!

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