Facebook Nursing Moms Outraged and Protest

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The popular social network site, Facebook, enrages breast feeding moms and sparks a huge protest. What did Facebook do? According to Associated Press and reports, photos of nursing moms posted on Facebook were removed in violation of Facebook’s nude pictures policy. As result, many breast feeding moms and even people that aren’t nursing posted pictures of nursing women as their profile default picture for an entire day.

More than 11,000 Facebook Protestors

According to Associated Press release on January 1, 2009: Muir said more than 11,000 people participated in the group’s virtual nurse-in by swapping out their regular profile pictures on Facebook and uploading ones depicting breast-feeding.

Facebook Owner Interviewed about Nude Photo Policy

When interviewed by the press, the Facebook owner stated that many nursing mom photos are allowed on Facebook. However, Facebook draws the line at a visible nipple or areola, he said. Facebook also nixes pictures showing the gluteal cleft.

Nursing Moms Show Up Outside Facebook Headquarters

Thousands of people were ticked off by the policy and participated in the protest. Is it surprising then that a local woman organized a rally on the front steps of the Facebook offline location? According to the January 1, 2009 AP report: About 10 women showed up to breast-feed their babies outside the front door, drawing attention from local media if not Facebook employees, who were scarce on that Saturday after Christmas.

How Effective was the Facebook Protest

Has this protest caused Facebook to change its policy on nude pictures and exceptions for breast feeding moms? At the time of this report, I could find no evidence that Facebook is changing its rules for these moms.

What is considered obscene? What is considered socially inappropriate? I’m sure that this not going to be the last that we hear of the Facebook standoff with nursing moms.

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