Shoes End Up on Miami Freeway

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January 2, 1009 : According to Associated Press, today literally thousands of shoes ended up on a Miami freeway. Traffic came to a complete standstill in Florida due to the shoes.

I guess it gives new meaning to the Wizard of Oz image where Dorothy clicks her sparkling shoes to go home. Drivers would have been extremely happy if they were able to get home instead of having the major Miami freeway congested and filled to the brink with homeless shoes.

Where did the literally thousands of Miami freeway shoes come from? According to the Associated Press report, there was no accident and no-one claiming the Miami freeway shoe marathon. The shoes had to literally be shoveled to the side lanes in order to allow traffic to begin flowing again on the Miami freeway.

It really makes you wonder how all the shoes ended up on the Miami freeway to begin with. Was there some major shoe protest that everyone missed? Why didn’t any eye witnesses come forward about the Miami freeway shoes? There wasn’t an accident reported. Did Aliens feel sorry for Miami residents and drop shoes to help out?

The Miami freeway shoes is indeed a mystery at the moment!

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