Make Over $300 on Ehow Writing Articles!

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We all know that a couple hundreds of dollars can go a long way. It can pay for car payments, month allowances, and even exciting shopping sprees. The first step to start earning your $300+/month is to sign up for an Ehow account as well as for the Writer’s Compensation Program. You’ll also need a Paypal account to receive your Ehow payments. Remember, only US citizens can get paid, so make sure you have a valid Social Security number.


Next, consider knowledgeable and interesting things you want to write for Ehow. Try to come up with new ideas and innovative things. Interesting topics generate more viewers and traffic.


Learn how to utilize basic search optimization. Finding good keywords for your articles can help increase traffic, resulting in more income for you. Analyze others and their writing styles .


Start writing! Try to edit and add pictures as much as possible, as this creates appeal. Make sure you have no grammatical errors. Keep each article short and concise; get straight to the point. Your articles shouldn’t take you no longer than 30-60 minutes. Make them fun and interesting.


Each article averages on about $4-5 a month. The more articles you have, the more views, thus increasing your monthly income. However, all articles don’t fetch this much. Some only are worth a couple cents, while some don’t even earn a single penny. In order to achieve around $300, you must then write on average of about 80+ SUPERB articles a month. The more articles you can write, the better the chances of earning more money.


Don’t be upset when your articles don’t generate as much views and money during the first couple of weeks or so. It takes time for the views and money to gradually build up. Make sure that you do not stop writing. Write as many well-written articles you can a day.


It’s very possible to earn $300 and possibly more each month. If you write an average of about 5 articles a day, then you end up writing about 150 articles a month. We all know that 5 articles a day isn’t too bad. Therefore, start writing! What are you waiting for?


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