Make Big Cash Recycling Cans

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For every party I throw I have a special can labled “CANS ONLY” I put it next to the trash can that take’s the rest of the garbage just incase the party goer aren’t paying attention and don’t want to walk to a different location. At the end of the party I close up the bag and save all the cans at the back of the garage.

I have a tall calaspable box that I keep in my car for parties and when I attend the kids baseball games at the park I set the box up with the bag inside. Its already labeled “Aluminum Can Only”. When I attend family functions I set up just like I do at home. At the end of the game or party I bring the bag of cans home with me. I let my neighbor’s know that if they don’t feel like recycling can’s I’d be more than happy to come by and pick them up once a week if they would just save them for me and put them out on Sunday. (Day before garbage day). Half the block gives me their cans.

Be sure to take time to crush cans weekly. This way, you’ll be able to pack more in your car when you take them in. At the end of the year right after New years load the car up. Take it to the local recycling center and enjoy the handful of cash they put in your hand. You can use this cash to help pay down holiday expenses on credit cards, a high utility bill or to get rid of that cabin fever.

Tip~Offering a great incentive of a overnight trip to some place fun like a indoor or outdoor water park or amusement park would make the kids want to give you a hand so you don’t end up doing all the work yourself.


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