How to Calculate and Understand BMI (Body Mass Index)

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With the alarming increase of obesity in the United States it has become increasingly important to understand and know one’s weight and how it affects one’s health. The development of the Body Mass Index (BMI) scale has made it easy to calculate the amount of overall unhealthy body mass and helps to categorize our level of heath. One’s BMI is determined by using a simple formula that will assign one with a BMI number. BMI numbers are assigned a range that determines if one is at a health weight, overweight, obese, or super (morbidly) obese.
Once you understand your BMI and RISK you can establish a plan to help yourself become healthier. Being aware of your weight, BMI, and your risk for obesity will help you become more conscious of the choices that you make in daily life. Most people have no idea whether they are overweight or obese. It is important to know.
After reading the steps below to calculate BMI, please visit the links below that offer free calculations online.

j0401142_Thumb.jpg Measure you Height in inches or convert height from feet and inches to inches.

j0390539_Thumb.jpg Weight yourself on an accurate scale. Be sure to use Pounds for this formula.
j0411753_Thumb.jpg Use the following formula to find your BMI or use one of the links below for a free online calculation.
Weight in pounds (lbs) divided by height in inches (in) squared and multiplied by a conversion factor of 703 (weight (lbs) / [height (in)2]x 703).

Therefore, to calculate BMI, take the weight (lbs) and divide it by height (in). Take the result of that calculation and divide it by height again. Then, multiply that number by 703. Round to the second decimal place.

An example of calculating body mass index using the BMI formula:
Weight = 200 lbs, Height = 5’8″ (68 inches)

BMI Calculation: [200 ÷ (68)2] x 703 = 30.41

Find your BMI Range below:

• Underweight 18.5 and Lower
Healthy Weight: BMI between 19 and 25
Overweight: BMI between 25 and 30
• Obese: BMI over 30
• Severely (Morbidly) Obese: BMI is 40 or more
j0426557_Thumb.jpg If you are at risk please see your doctor to establish a plan for you right away!


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