Working from home and enjoying it

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I starting being online mainly as a hobby last year around this time. I never really thought that I would make any money online. I came across a site called eHow. I have been there for a year tommorow. When I signed up I was thinking can I make money writing articles? I thought yeah right, I wrote a few and did not really think  much about it. Well a few months down the line I logged into my account there and saw hey I was making money. I was actually shocked so I kept writing, about everything that was going on in my life and things I knew about online. The money kept coming in and the earnings got higher and higher. I did have a down period again in the year where I stopped writing and my earnings did go down a bit but I still was making way over the miniunm payout of 10 dollars.

So within one year here is the scoop. I have created over 200 articles in my ehow account. I make a good amount of money every month from ehow articles. So I have to say working from home being something can and will be done for me. I felt the need to share this here for other people that are looking for ways to make money online. I have never paid a dime to make money with ehow. To me this is the beauty of ehow, no money to invest and I can create online income every month. My goal for this year is to reach 300 articles by the end of the year althought I think it would be nice if I could reach 400! I guess it all depends on how hard I work at it.

So when someone says you can’t make money online, tell them, “no I can and I will”. You will always have people in your life that will doubt what you do but this does not matter. Take the bull by the horns and roll with and if you believe it you can achieve it! Thanks for viewing my article and feel free to leave comments. Enjoy your day and come back in the future for more articles from me.


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