How to Find the Best Restaurants in Myrtle Beach, SC

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How to Find the Best Restaurants in Myrtle Beach, SC

Whether you live in Myrtle Beach or are just visiting, finding your way to the very best restaurants can be difficult unless you know where they are hiding.  Myrtle Beach is a city within itself; however, when most people refer to “Myrtle Beach” they are really referring to North Myrtle Beach, Surfside, Garden City and Murrells Inlet.  Myrtle Beach is comprised of a coastline of 60 mile also known as The Grand Strand.  Each area has its own unique restaurants to offer, but finding the right one for you can be difficult.

  1. Know the area! Beginning on the north side of Myrtle Beach is North Myrtle Beach (NMB), which makes since, but it is important to know that NMB is not a northern part of Myrtle Beach, but actually its own city much farther north than most travelers realize.  As one would leave Myrtle Beach and head south they would drive into Surfside Beach, followed by Garden City, and finally Murrells Inlet.  For those wanting to travel further for a great meal….south of Murrells Inlet would be Litchfield and then Pawley’s Island.  You are able to drive from one end of The Grand Strand to the other by simply driving on US 17.  The difference is that there are two US 17 Highways.  The highways separate beginning in Myrtle Beach and coming together again in Murrells Inlet.  Both run parallel to the other.  US 17 Bypass and US 17 Business.  Long ago US 17 Bypass did exactly what it sounds like; it went “bypassed” the busy part of the city.  Today there is as much offered on the “Bypass” as there is “Business”.
  2. Decide on what type of food you are interested in!  Although the Myrtle Beach area is best known for its outstanding seafood, there are several types of seafood offered as well as many unique restaurants that one would not find anywhere else!  There are the typical chain restaurants which are great if you want to stick with what you already know, but Myrtle Beach offers many opportunities for new experiences for your pallet! 
  3. Know your party!  There are so many options in Myrtle Beach; however, not ever choice is great for everyone.  Families and couples would make a few similar choices but would also choose very different options.
  4. Know your budget!  This is especially important in the Myrtle Beach area.  Although it is typically thought that buffets (of which there are many!) are cheap, not in Myrtle Beach!  You will also get what you pay for on The Grand Strand. 
  5. Understand you will Wait!  Know that Myrtle Beach especially in the summer time will always have long lines for dinner.  Choosing to try new restaurants that offer lunch or chose to eat early and take advantage of early bird specials will not only eliminate the long lines but will also be easier on your budget!
  6. The Restaurants!  North Myrtle Beach has an area called “Restaurant Row”, these restaurants are easily seen and are all on US 17.  Most of these restaurants are large seafood buffets which typically specialize in North Carolina Calabash Style Seafood.  There are many great North Myrtle Beach restaurants found in the Barefoot Landing Shopping Area that are not seen easily.  A few of the Barefoot Landing restaurants are high end, expensive, and will require reservations.  Examples for adults and couples would be, Greg Normans and Thoroughbreds.  Families would enjoy House of Blues (great music and fun food) or any seafood buffet. Both Myrtle Beach and North Myrtle Beach offer unique eating experiences that also include a show!  Theaters such as Dixie Stampeded and Medieval Times offer dinner and a show and should not be missed, but if possible buy your tickets online before you go!  Many people plan theses types of dinners when making their vacation plans and availability will go fast!  Myrtle Beach has a few really great restaurants that you will not find in any coupon book.  Examples would the Collector’s Cafe, which sounds like a small cafe, but is really and upscale restaurant that is geared towards adults with wonderful pieces of artwork gracing the walls; or NY Prime for a great dining experience when in the mood for a wonderful steak. Families would enjoy Hard Rock cafe, or anything at Broadway at the Beach or for the best cheap burger, River City Cafe.  When in Myrtle Beach do not miss the restaurants of Murrells Inlet.  This is the southern ends best kept secret.  If in the mood for seafood this is where you want to go!  The lines are long but worth the wait!  Make reservations or go for lunch when dining in the Inlet.  Getting there can be confusing.  When traveling to the Inlet be sure to drive down Business 17 and when you get to the south end just before the Highways Merge back together, US 17 will actually start again.  While traveling south look for the Inlet Square Mall and Fitzgerald Realty, approximately 1 mile south of the Mall you will bear to the left and follow Business 17 signs.  You will travel down a quaint two lane road with more seafood restaurants than you could ever imagine.  Fun choices for everyone are Drunken Jacks, Bovines, Nance’s (great for oysters), and Seafare for live mermaids and a great buffet! 

 Wherever you go you will not be disappointed.  Myrtle Beach is more than just a Beach!  Great food, great shows, wonderful shopping…..everyone can be happy on this vacation!


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