The No Apologies Ego Boost

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Let’s take look at egos. Like most things in life, a healthy opinion of yourself can actually work–if it’s taken in moderation. Too much of anything is bad, and that goes for blown-up egos, too.

Make your ego work for you, without going overboard, by making a mental note of the things you like about your self.

Even the most downtrodden gal can cook up one thing that’s going right. Your amazing ability to listen to other people’s dilemmas, your irresistible dimples-it can be anything!
Start by thinking of one thing that makes you proud of your self. Add more to the list. In no time, you’ll radiate that elusive I’m-proud-of-moi glow!

Remember that you aren’t being boastful because you’re happy about who you are and the things you’ve done. No need to apologize or feel ashamed that you feel good about your self! Just give your self a reality check every now and then and remember that there’s always room for improvement.


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