Breast Cancer Support

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Last year she held her mother’s hand as she too fought cancer, and I saw in her eyes the courage of a warrior. Little did my friend know that she too would have to fight the same monster less than six months later.

My friend has been through many trials and tribulations like most people. However, the thing that strikes me is her unshakeable faith in herself, God and her family.  I believe that she receives her courage from her mother who, like my friend, is still fighting cancer. Her mother will not bow to the disease and is adamant that she will attend her granddaughter’s wedding. I believe that she will.

When faced with news such as cancer, how do I support her? How does anyone support a friend who just found out that she may not be at her daughter’s wedding, or may not get to walk her son to his first day of kindergarten?  Who will make them oatmeal in the mornings or sing them to sleep at night. Who will tell them what a great mother they had?

But this will not happen.

As her friend I believe that she will overcome this sickness, and her children will walk with her through life. She will wipe her daughter’s tears and kiss her goodbye as she leaves for college. She will kiss the face of God as she watches her daughter birth new life. The first breath of life, a gasp from a newborn baby will be a breath of life for my friend in the future. Yes, life will be much appreciated after this fight.  She will live to be an old woman and will look back on this experience with battle scars and admiration. Along with excellent medical care and prayer, her admirable spirit will lift her from the binds of a sickness many understand, but cannot fathom.

Now she will start aggressive treatment. Her Doctor’s believe that her cancer is genetic, so they will look into gene therapy treatment.  With Roswell Park Cancer Institute in her backyard, she has a strong ally. I will be there for her in any way that she needs me. I will listen, run errands, and watch her children.  I will comb her hair, and when she has no more hair to brush I will tell her she is beautiful, because she is. Two years ago, we had grand dreams, the two us. We took a trip to Las Vegas, and we laughed until our stomachs hurt. I will remind her of those times and we will laugh again until her pain subsides.


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