“The Shack” Book Review

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Mackenzie Allen Phillips is a good man.  Married with five children.  He’s a good husband and a good father.  Raised by a brutally abusive alcoholic, church elder father, he bears deep emotional pain that has driven him around the world, working at whatever job will carry him to the next port, the next country, the next culture searching for answers.

He has worked his way through Seminary, but the answers he seeks are still out of reach.  The worst tragedy that any parent can possibly suffer pushes him even deeper into this pain and the unanswered questions threaten to push him over the edge into insanity or drive him to suicide.  The love for his family and knowing how bad it will hurt them is the only thing he can hold on to.

Toward the end of winter, with the weather still below freezing, roads slick with ice and a thick blanket of snow on the ground he feels compelled to spend the weekend with God at the shack, the place that has caused him his worst nightmares.

A most revealing portrait of God is woven through the story as Mack confronts life long doubts, fears, self recrimination, and accusations in the final, ultimate attempt to find the answers.

I found this book riveting.  A real page turner.  A confirmation in my own mind that I’m not the only person who sees God in this light.  Regardless of your religion, nationality, or culture, I definitely recommend this book to a world beset with grief, pain, and uncertainty.

You can read more about the book and it’s author, William P.  Young at http://theshackbook.com/


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