How to place children with disability in shcool: making placement with special education kids

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The decision for proper placement should be taking into accounts of the law and the individual’s circumstances, history, and safety. The decision maker has to follow all the laws and all the appropriate guidelines in order to properly place a student in a restrictive environment. The process will be fair, justifiable and according to the law. The law recently suggested that disable individuals should be able to be in a regular class. The only time that they need to be excluded into a restrictive environment is if they are harmful to themselves and to other people around them. This being said it’s fair and ethical to take all of the laws and guidelines into account before restricting an individual.

There were many law cases in history between the disable children and the schools. The results suggested that if student do not exhibit any harm to other children in the regular classroom then they should be placed in the regular classroom and not in restriction even if they’re not the best student. It’s still is their right and it’s not up to the decision maker or the family to remove them from the regular classroom and put them in a restrictive place. This should make sense to anyone because restriction is like a jail. People should only be there if they have proved that they can only be safe in those types of environment. This is also true with restriction in any case and that is restriction only happen when the individual has proved to be a harm to the public or to themselves. This kind of ruling is similarly used with police officers or the hospitals when it comes to restraining the patients. Examining that idea we can agree that it’s fair and justifiable.

In the past there was on particular case where a disable student caused her classmates harm for at least 30 times. The classmates have to get medical attention from the nurses. The law ruled that this person will no longer be able to be in a regular classroom because she’s harmful. Taking this lawsuit case as an example we should see that if an individual is harmful too many time to other children then they should not be allow to be in a regular classroom. The person in this case was harmful because of her illness not because she’s an evil person. The illness caused her to be inappropriate in a regular setting. It would be fair to say that this child needs a better place so that she doesn’t create too much trouble.

Making a placement decision should be specifically according to the recent laws on this subject and all the other guidelines as well such as the individual’s history, circumstances, and ability to cope in a regular setting. The law encourage all disable student to have a chance in a regular class settings unless they have shown that they’re not capable.


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