How to understand gifted learners: Children who learn fast

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What are gifted learners? Gifted learners is just like the title says, someone who is gifted at learning. What does gifted means? Gifted is when a person has exceed their peers in knowing a subject, their mind is growing faster than their body. They are faster than their peers in any giving subject. Throughout society we have seen these individuals often such as Shirley Temple who was a kid prodigy in television and films. In 2008 Miley Cyrus took this title, even though she’s only 15 years old, she is more successful than her dad. She has millions of dollars in her account. Someone like Shirley Temple or Miley Cyrus will be different than normal children and need different accommodations. A gifted learner need to be accommodate at their level of Excellency instead of their peer’s learning level. It’s recommended by the board of education that gifted students be provided with more advanced learning lessons.

I’m sure each of us have come across a gifted person before. We could possibly be one ourselves that’s why we can’t help but keep on writing to share with the world. This says that we have more advance knowledge than others. I have read some articles on Helium and thought that the writers are at the level of geniuses because I’ve never heard a compelling argument before, not even from my professors in college. One thing I have learned is that gifted people excel on their own and they can accomplished some profound inventions before they even finished college. Examples are Bill Gate, Steven Spielberg, John Lennon, Mozart Amadeus and many more that you may know about. One common trait from these individuals is that they have master a life changing invention before they even finish college. One thing we can learn about gifted learners is that they like freedom and flexibility and they like to keep doing things on their own. Some gifted people are anti-social too. They spend years inside of their office trying to accomplish their task without even brushing their hair like Albert Einstein.

Going back to understanding more about gifted learners, it’s recommended by the educational board that the teacher provide the gifted students with more advancing materials than just the usual for all the other students. If they are teaching the gifted student the same material as the other student then they have not accomplished their goals. Parents of gifted students should tell the teachers about their children’s gift so that the teacher will know more. Students that are gifted have been known to hide their gifts so that they can blend in with the crowd.

When it comes to socializing gifted students have a better relationship with people at their intellectual level and not people at the same grade even though they will befriend people at their own grade level or the kid down the street. Sometimes the gifted student will appear socially awkward in some cases too and the teacher has to take that into account. Teachers are encourage to provide gifted student with more advance materials and not keep them at the level of everyone else. The teacher should provide them flexibility and freedom to advance their skills.


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