How to eat for a good heart: Nutrients for a healthy heart

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A healthy heart should be the best present to yourself because it’s the heart that will give you a lot of problem. It’s also the heart that will kill everyone in the end and this is how we die when the heart stop pumping blood to our brain that we cease to live and breath. This is why they do cpr to rescue you. Cpr is done to push the heart to pump blood to your brain so that you can be kept alive, however mos of the time cpr does not rescue people because the brain electrical system is shut down and cpr is just a mechanical process. The heart is small but it does a mighty of job of supporting the whole body. You should then treat your heart to some good nutritions and exercise. Cardiovascular exercise is one of the best exercise to help out your heart.

Before we step into nutrients for your heart you need to remember that the most important thing you can do to help your heart is exercising in the form of running or walking or cardiovascular exercise. If you eat a tons of good nutrition but you’re 100 lbs over weight then eating good nutrients still doesn’t help because your heart can be clogged with fats and cholesterol. Your coronary vessels are also clog up. Moving around is one of the best thing you can do for a healthy heart. After you have input exercising into your daily schedule then you can move on to eating good nutrients.

When you think of good nutrients for your heart there is one good food that works like magic. Do you know what it is? Have you heard about it? Do you also know that this same food also subside vicious cancer cells? What is it? Alright, let me help you out. It’s fish oil and eating tons of fishes. Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Does it ring a bell now. It’s all the news. It’s one of the best nutrient for human kind. Why? Omega 3 and 6 fish oil also is one of the most potent cancer killer. Know someone with heart problem or cancer, then you can tell them to take flax seed or fish oil. It’ll be the best thing that you can tell them.

Fish oil or fishes will be a nice thing you did to your health. Fish oil works by supporting good heart functions. It helps supports cardiovascular health. It helps increase blood flow and continuous flow to your body. Taking fish oil is good for your health but also for the overall health of your body. It can give you good skin also. It can make you look younger. It can increase your sexual desire. You can take the fish oil supplement found at GNC. It’s very low cost of around $5. You can also eat plenty

of fish to get the same results. I find it more difficult and expensive to eat fish all day long. It’s not possible so you can take the supplements for good.

The second thing that is good for your heart is drinking red wine. Red wine will decrease your chances of heart disease. Red wine, beer, alcohol, coctails, as long as there is some alcohol you will get some benefit. You can’t over indulge on alcohol though because it won’t help that much but fail your liver. Just one glass of red wine 3-4 times a week will be very helpful. Aloa Vera is found to give you very good heart benefit. You can drink aloa vera, cook it, or take the supplements. Multivitamin can help out your heart too. Quiting smoking and heavy drinking will do wonders to your health. If you’re thinking of good heart health but you are smoking then you’re wasting a lot of your effort. Quiting smoking will help you even more than eating good nutrients. You can reduce the amount of fats in your foods. Fats is the number one factor that give people heart disease and cloggings. Red meat and fries have lots of fat. You can stay away from these things.

Good nutrients for your heart include exercising, taking fish oil supplements, eating fish, drinking red wine, quit smoking, cut down fats and drink aloa vera drink. You can combine good cardiovascular exercise with these nutrients and lifestyles changes for a great heart. Your heart will thank you.


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