The Evolution of the Entertainment Industry

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The first time that I realized the power of the independent artist was in 1999. 1999 was the birth of the movie, “The Blair Witch Project” which had some amazing success. It was rumored that this movie was based on a true story. While I was watching the movie, I realized that this movie was not a reality type project but more of a purposely formatted movie. Real life is not that perfectly aligned with the story leading directly to the plot (a perfect chain of events) in most cases.  At that point, I realized how much more appreciation that the public has for real life events, scenarios and people. There seems to be less of a connection with contrived characters and created scenarios due to the lack of being able to find the similarities between fiction and the nonfiction of life. Everyday on the internet, people watch real life independent productions.

We can enjoy the fantasy of looking into that other world if we can become convinced that this world exists on the screen.  Today, the main stream media is constantly trying to give us what they like us to be entertained with. They are realizing more and more what people are craving to see. People want to see real people and situations that we can relate to in a human way as being real. Reality television shows are booming. Youtube is full of people making their own productions every day. America’s Funniest Home Videos have been on television for a very long time.  People are investing in their own production equipment and creating the kind of art that they would like to see or prefer.

Hollywood was once designed as a place where only certain individuals could have access. Presently, reality tv shows and other modern day mediums for the independent artist has opened the doors to people who otherwise would have never had much of a chance to become part of Hollywood’s stardom. More and more artists are realizing that they can make their own dreams come true by taking advantage of today’s technology, increased access to mass distrubution and the love that people still have for being entertained by reality and the independent artist’s input versus the professional media feeding.


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