Random thoughts I have some times.

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Random thoughts– Please note these are random thoughts I have some times.

First off I downloaded the new windows live msn messenger and the green guy is gone. Sure he is still there when you log on and he goes back and forth with the blue guy but now the blue guy sits there in the bottom of my screen. My thoughts on why he is blue.

  1. He is blue because the people who made him got sick of the thought of going green being every thing else is going green these days.

  2. When signing into msn messenger the green guy and blue guy go around in a circle well I think the blue guy suffocated the green guy and turned him blue to.

  3. The green guy drank to much kool-aid and turned blue

  4. Some one was playing with food coloring.

What are your thoughts on how the green guy turned blue? I would love to hear from you.

Other thoughts

When crossing the road at a cross walk why do we wait until the light is green ? All the cars are stopped when the light is red so why not walk when all the cars are stopped?

America is complaining about more and more kids being obese. Today I went into walmart I love

walmart there always cutting back low prices. Thats why half the candy that was 44 cents is now 33 cents.. woot… and I don’t know if its just walmart thats cutting back prices.. but kids love candy and now its cheaper for them to buy lots of it, where if they want to buy healthier food shouldn’t that be cheaper? People these days who cares if kids are obese all I know is if there is cheaper candy give it to us and let us get hyper and obese its our choice what to eat if we don’t want to get fat then we don’t need to eat that stuff.. Did you hear some states are changing the way they make french fries because there to fatting well hello idiots its not up to you to make us fat its up to ourself to eat fat food if we don’t want to be fat we don’t need to eat it so why take it away for the people who want it.

My weather man told me that a Alberta clipper was coming in. Hello hey were did you get the name Alberta? We don’t leave in Canada. Hello Hello nice to meet you Alberta did you know you are in Minnesota.

I really have nothing else to write about right now please come back later thanks.


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