Decision Versus Choice

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In a universe governed by natural laws, each particle reacts to every other particle through cause and effect. In the macro world it is difficult to see, but underneath it all, the universe is the most accurate accountant. We see things which happen by accident, but the micro world sees everything happening by process. All that happens does so with precision. When you bat a ball, the trajectory of the ball, the convection current of the wind and the strength of the muscle fibers in your arm, are all set in place. Nature will negotiate the balance. When you have an idea, it’s the cause and effect through billions of neurons in your head. When that seed became a tree, was it by choice or simply the cause and effect of a system destined to be a tree? Do we really have the free will to make choices, or is conscious choice just an illusion caused from the billions of very precise and predefined processes. Perhaps the steering wheel we see in life is controlled by a track we cannot see. A system that can’t be seen or reasoned, for it’s sight can only be viewed behind our eyes and its understanding can only be seen beneath our own conscious awareness.

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