Should you move in before you are married

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Should you move in before marriage? There are plenty of couples who move in after marriage. They move in to save money or just to be with each other but it does come with consequences. You won’t be getting that excited about the wedding anymore because you will see everything and you will see your mate with no makeup on or smell their morning breath. You will see them leaving the toilet seat up or trash your apartment. You will hear them talking to their female friends or their male friends. You will get jealous. You will see them in their boxer or in their worst hair do. You will hear them yawn or how they hate it when you invite your friends over. When you’re moving in, it’s like being married and you will have a lot of problems after awhile and you won’t be looking forward to marriage anymore.

You can move in if you just want to be with the other person and you don’t really care about the wedding. There are some people who have been married and they want to move in with their mate. They don’t care about the wedding anymore. They’re too old for that. I think it’s alright to move in before marriage if you really feel like you can save money or it’s more convenient for you. Nowadays, convenient is everything. You get to save money and time and you can see each other every single day if you’re busy and can’t see them without living with them.

I think that you can move in before marriage but just remember that it will take the mystery away. You won’t have any more mystery about your partner. You will see all that is out there about them. You will see the way they look and the way they whine. They will also see you too. You won’t be looking forward to the wedding day. It’s unfortunate but you will be looking forward kids rather than a wedding. People usually produce babies before they ever get married if they move in together. Some people fall out of love if they get tired of their partner. This could be one of the factors why moving in too soon is not a good idea but not all relationships can wait until marriage. Relationships in this day and age are different than before.


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