Business owners who go against the law for their own gains

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There are so many business owners out there who go against the laws so they can save some extra money at the cost of their employees. This is when they try to underpay their employees and then get away with it. They would pay less than minimum wage. It’s against the law to pay employees minimum wages but a lot of restaurant owners paid their employees below minimum wage. It’s sad because they work hard but they go home with a minimum wage. How can they feed their family or themselves?

I saw one occasion where one employee was made to pay her own worker compensation which is never heard of in history. No one in this world would make their employees pay for worker compensation. It’s not the law. The employers have to pay for it. I guess they will cheat when they can. It’s unethical because people need to live and feed their family. How can people live when they only make $5 an hour but I guess a lot of company is paying employees around $5-$6 which is ridiculous? A lot of these companies are companies that are run by foreigners who don’t follow the US laws. If you’re working with an American company, they don’t cheat at all.

They follow the rules. I’ve seen restaurants worker who gets low wages and not paid over time even. They all work over time without being paid over time. I think that the labor department should do something about it and this is just to increase the quality of the employee’s life. It’s unethical to let people work 12 hours a day without paying them over time or giving them half an hour lunch break. I’ve seen people who have not been giving half an hour lunch break. I think that business needs to be more ethical so people can survive too. It’s not fair that they’re making millions and they don’t give other people at least the minimum wage or a half an hour lunch break.
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