How to Lessen Stage Fright Before a Presentation

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Nearly everyone experiences some degree of stage fright when speaking before an audience. Stage fright is both natural and controllable. This article will explain techniques that can be used to lessen stage fright before speaking in front of a group or audience.

*One of the most effective strategies for reducing stage fright is being familiar with the subject. Research your topic thoroughly and prepare a sentence outline. Being prepared is essential in reducing stage fright.

*When you rehearse, practice your entire presentation, not just the first half. Place your outline sentences on separate cards. You may also wish to include transitional sentence to help you move to the next topic. Use these cards as your practice, and include your visual aids in your rehearsal. It is also helpful to record your rehearsal, so that you can see what the audience is going to see. By recording your practice, you will be able to see what needs changing.

*Most audiences tend to get restless during longer presentations; therefore, time yourself during rehearsal so that you will know if your presentation is too long, or in some cases isn’t long enough.

*For beginner speakers, it makes the speaker feel more comfortable if they use a higher desk or lectern. This can always serve as a place to rest arms and hands during the presentation.

*If you feel tension and fear while you are waiting your turn to speak, use stress reduction techniques, such as deep breathing.

Tips & Warnings

  • These techniques will lessen the amount of stage fright for speakers and project presenters.
  • By following these techniques, you will have a more satisfying and impressive presentation.
  • Never let your nerves get the best of you. If you know the material and have practiced your presentation, this will help dissolve some of the bad nerves.
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