How to Lessen Stage Fright During a Presentation

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Nearly everyone experiences some degree of stage fright when speaking before a group. Stage fright is both natural and controllable. There are several different strategies and techniques that can be done to lessen stage fright during a presentation.

*When you first approach the audience, take a moment to adjust your notes and make yourself comfortable. Establish control of the situation.

*By memorizing your opening, you can immediately establish rapport with the audience through eye contact. This will also make you sound knowledgeable and confident.

*If the size of the audience overwhelms you, pick out two individuals on the right and two on the left. Once you have chose these individuals, speak directly to these people.

*Next, control your voice and vocabulary. This means speaking in a moderated tone, but loudly enough for the audience to hear you.

*Many novice speakers talk too rapidly, displaying their nervousness and making it very difficult for audience members to understand their ideas. Slow down and listen to what you are saying.

*You can use a lectern to hold your notes so that you are free to move about naturally. Avoid fidgeting with your notes, your clothing, etc.

*You should discuss and interpret each visual aid for the audience. Move aside as you describe it so that it can be seen fully by the entire audience.

*Stick to your outline and notes. If it is not part of what you rehearsed, leave it out so that you can finish on time.

*Conclude your presentation by restating your main points or by emphasizing what you want the audience to think or do. Once you have announced your conclusion, proceed to it directly.

Tips & Warnings

  • Remember that eye contact, a moderate tone of voice, and natural movements enhance a presentation.
  • If you are prepared for the presentation and have taken the necessary steps to avoid stage fright before and during speaking, you should have a satisfying ending to your presentation.


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